Scrutinizing IT Services and Software Development Companies in 2016

When the Times releases its annual list of the top companies in the world, the list is continually been invaded by IT support provider Edmonton and software development companies. The main driver of this emphatic revolution is based on the fact that technology and especially software development has become vital and hence big money. Finding the right fit for you whether custom or standalone software requires you to find the right company. Lists exist and are currently been kept updated on the companies driving change, growing the fastest, employing the highest number of personnel and of course high returns. Here is a list of the five top IT Services and software development companies;


This is a technology consulting firm with locations in the USA and across Europe. Their ability to create end to end solutions, conceptualize, and design, implement, maintain has helped them, prop their company to its heights of success.

Xoriant Corporation

Formed in 1990 it has built a reputation as a successful software product engineering and services company. Its flexibility allows it to interact and offer services and their products to customers from the basic start-ups to fortune 100 companies.


When looking for any IT services company you want one that has built an expansive and penetrative reach across the globe. Luxoft understands and works in 15 countries across the world. Its consistency and industry is unquestioned with massive repeat business. Supported by their very global appealing personnel that have adequate training on IT services and software development.

Orient Software Development Corp.

The outsourcing company based in Vietnam provides exceptional software and it service. The talented and very adequately trained and highly competitive working on all manner of outsourced projects. They endeavour to execute them on time, to the satisfaction of the client and always maintain competitive rates to encourage repeat business.


As a Global top 2000 organisation HCL has excelled to continually provide software expertise and products to people globally. With a massive $5.7 billion portfolio it ensures its reach across 31 countries helps it keep above the rest. Also working with people from various fields also help.

And this list is not conclusive, it informs on the top five companies keeping up with standards and competition on the global IT sector. Understanding that enterprises such as Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, VMware, Symantec, Fiserv, Intuit, Amadeus and CA technologies is based on the monetary metrics that have a reduced effect on the increased desire for more customized and customer interactive software. Despite this this nine big players are still trying to keep up with trends.

According to reports by the Centre for Software Research and Development, the industry still has a lot of room for growth. Everyday someone is taking up to develop a software that could change how people work, interact and live. And as the IT services and Software development world continues to grow avenues will always be opened where smaller players can weasel their way in and cut a niche for themselves. If you desire to join the club, this is the best time.