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Did You Know Windows 10 Has a Secret Tool To Put All Settings in One Place?

Here at Acrodex, we believe in empowering businesses with their own skills, and help them grow their own expertise leveraging our experience. Though our managed IT services exists to help businesses hand over IT responsibilities to us, we are always looking for new ways to provide you with some additional values. So this time, we thought it would be a great idea to share a handy little trick with you that can make your everyday work a bit more easier.

Windows 10 is perhaps the most popular operating system right now, especially for business. With so many new features and benefits to make your user experience much simpler and powerful, Windows 10 is becoming the benchmark of virtualized and cloud platforms. With that in mind, there are many settings to keep track of, and often time it can get frustrating to find each of them individually. So we came across this article by Jeff Dunn of TechInsider, that shows to find a find a hidden tool in Windows 10 that lets to control all settings from one place:

There’s a secret tool in Windows 10 that puts all your settings in one place — here’s how to find it

Windows 10 is a worthwhile upgrade to its predecessor. But, like any OS, it has its share of niggling annoyances.

Active users, for instance, have likely noticed that all the software’s settings menus and customization options are split between two places: the Control Panel, and the Settings app.

The latter is steadily usurping the former, but there’s a particular tweak you’re looking to make, there’s still a chance it might take a little longer than it should to find the controls you want to find. Sometimes, a command might not be there in the first place.

Is this a first-world problem? Totally. Does that mean you can’t fix it? Absolutely not.

The solution lies in a long-time Windows shortcut called the Windows Master Control Panel. Colloquially, it’s known as GodMode. While it’s not quite as exciting as that video game-like term would suggest, it’s still a handy option for Windows tinkerers and power users to keep in their back pocket.

It’s also super easy to set up. Here’s a quick tutorial.

Provided you have admin access, you first right click, then select New > Folder.

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Source: Tech Insider/Jeff Dunn

Then copy and paste the following code: GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

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This little trick could come in quite handy, especially for someone who is in charge of administrative tasks or configuring the workplace desktops. Overall, they will help hop across some of Windows 10’s annoying little issues, and get some settings changed in a very short time. Less time you have to spend on something like looking for user settings, the more you are free to be strategic and innovative.