5 IT Consulting Firms That Have The Highest Number of Baltimore- based Clients

Regardless of the location, people will always want the best products and services that

one entity can offer. May it be for personal use, for business use or for any other reason,

they want it. Now that almost anyone with electricity or data coverage can access the

internet and almost everyone has a Facebook account, Google account, Twitter and

Instagram, you can reach people in seconds (if they’re online) whom before can take you

a minimum of 3 days to just deliver a message to and wait another 3 days to get the

response. Technology has made the world much, much smaller.

And again, everyone benefited from the growth of technology. Especially, the technology

industry itself. More specifically, the technology businesses. How? IT companies can now

reach millions and millions of people from all over the globe to introduce their product, sell

it and make money off of it. Companies like Mtextbox, IT Consulting firms can do their job, the

consultation meetings, through Skype or any other video call application. Still, many of the

clients prefer to use the traditional face-to- face meetings, especially if it’ll only take minutes

or an hour or two to drive to the consultation office. Say, being in the same state. For

example, did you know that a lot of companies in Baltimore consult with companies in

Columbia and Hunt Valley? So here’s a drop-down list to show you the top 5 IT consulting

firms that have the highest number of Baltimore-based clients.

5. NewWave Telecom & Technologies Inc. Based in Elkridge, Maryland, this company

offers numerous IT security services, custom software development, cloud computing,

innovation development lab and Enterprise Information Portal (EIP). Their Baltimore-

based clients count is 100.

4. Apex Systems. From Columbia, Maryland, with a 200 Baltimore-based client count,

Apex Systems offers services engagement enablers, project delivery framework, project

risk and quality management and program collaboration. They also offer recruitment

solutions like providing contractual, contract-to- hire, or direct placement technology

employees that will be able to cater your specific company needs.

3. Edaptive Systems. Coming in at number 3 is Edaptive System, located at Owing Mills,

Maryland. A company, with 215 Baltimore-based clients, that provides a huge variety of

systems and tools to support their clients operations like data collection, predictive

modeling, quality management, abstraction, validation, metrics, financial management

and program development management.

2. Vision Technology Services, LLC. Much like Apex Systems, they offer different IT

talent and project management services. They also offer network optimization and

deployment, network engineering, business security, business and process analysis,

quality assurance/control and testing. They could also work with your client servers,

mainframe, database and ERP/CRM. They have 230 Baltimore-based clients.

1. Leidos Holdings Inc. Taking the spot at number 1, it’s the Columbia, Maryland-based

company, Leidos Holdings Inc. They have 1,482 Baltimore-based clients. They offer

security services not only to huge companies but also to national offices. This company

is founded on 1969 and doesn’t just have the biggest number of Baltimore-based clients

but other multi-national companies as well, which makes it a multi-national company